Box2Fitness - National Qualification through Amateur Boxing

National Qualification through Amateur Boxing

The GB Boxing Awards were put together in partnership with the national awarding body ASDAN to give everyone the opportunity to gain a qualification through Amateur Boxing.

Equivalent to a full GCSE, the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) recognises and accredits the achievements and skills of learners taking part in the Boxing Awards. For CoPE you need to achieve two things:

Firstly, you must gain 12 credits through boxing activities over 120 hours. This can be done by choosing from various options click here to download full details of the options.

Secondly, show how you are developing certain key skills through boxing. These are skills highly valued by employers and other educational establishments including:

   * working well with others

   * improving your own learning

   * problem solving

   * discussion

   * research

   * delivering a presentation

There is no exam for this qualification but rather, a portfolio is built up with evidence (can be photographic, video, written, taped, oral and video) which gains credits as you go along.


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