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10 Reasons you will LOVE Ivan’s Boxercise sessions


  1. No experience necessary - All boxexercise classes, cater for all abilities. Whether you LOVE boxercise, or have never tried it out before, these boxercise classes are for you.
  2. Extremely social – The main aim of boxercise classes is to make them as social as possible. Many people prefer working out with friends, so the classes focus on interaction and enjoyment.
  3. Improved fitness- Boxing is a fantastic way to lose weight, but it doesn't appeal to everyone. Boxercise classes have a great mix of skills training and cardio exercise that make it fun to get fit.
  4. Fantastic instructor – Passionate about what I do, so make my sessions one of the best boxing fitness classes in London.
  5. No 12 month contract – Pay per boxercise session, discounts for bulk session bookings and special offers apply all year round specifically so people don't have to sign up to long gym membership. You can pay as you go. Enjoy the sessions and sign up again, there is no pressure.
  6. Mixed Sex - These boxercise sessions are designed specifically to cater for men and women.
  7. Make friends - Without sounding cheesy, social fitness is a great way to meet new people with similar interests. Getting fit and working out is much more enjoyable if you know people within your fitness/boxercise class.
  8. Location - We try to find the most suitable locations, so there is always one attractive to you.
  9. Wellness challenge - if you fancy a challenge, try the Box2fitness Fit nutrition and lifestyle plan, with simple and realistic guidelines to follow and get you trim in no time. 
  10. Be part of Box2fitness – To attend any boxercise session, please bring your own towel, mat and always have a bottle of water.

How to join in

You can come along and join in any class. Please try to arrive 15 minutes before the class is due to start in order to pay your fee and reserve a place. Places in the Boxercise class are limited so please arrive in plenty of time to avoid disappointment. If you have BLOCK BOOKING voucher you will be able to book a place in advance, but if you haven't arrived by 5 minutes before the class start time your place may be given to someone else.


We provide all the equipment you need to participate in the class. The only thing you will need to bring is your own hand wraps or protective inner gloves. This is for your protection and for hygiene. Hand wraps will be available to purchase for £7.50 if you do not have your own, or you can hire them for one class for £2

Boxercise classes do not involve anyone getting punched, we only use gloves /mitts and pads.